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Jamie Richardson

Jamie Richardson

Jamie Richardson
LPGA/GOAL Chicago, Inc.

Jamie Richardson began her distinguished association with LGPA/GOAL Chicago as Vice President of Administration from January to June 2005. Immediately thereafter, The Board of Directors for the Gay Officer’s Action League – Lesbian and Gay Police Association appointed her President on June 4, 2005.

During her first months as President, Jamie pledged to newly enhance organization to rebuild and reorganize the LGPA association. Primarily, Jamie sought to reestablish its strength, stability and unity. Forging the course for improving infrastructure, expanded support and companionship with outside agencies, the Association was merged with GOAL in April 2005 under the leadership of James Lo Bianco. A key to the success of the new LGPA/GOAL Chicago is the organization expanding its membership to broaden its reach for support and increase its strength. These initiatives led to embracing memberships of firefighters, paramedics, 911 dispatchers and associate members (Friends of the organization).

Additionally, Jamie implemented changes within the organization’s administrative practices to delegate various responsibilities to each board member as well as general members to ensure that the organization’s accomplishments are team efforts and recognized as the success of all the members. Also, she has maintained that Board and General Meetings are held in to include and incorporate team decision making of all members into LGPA-GOAL Chicago.

Jamie’s focus remains intact. She continues to concentrate on LGPA-Goal’s missions, as well as bringing in new strategies and challenges. During her presidency the size of the membership has increased three times, unified the LGPA Goal community which resulted in an improvement in the organization’s strength, community relations, and political backing. Jamie continues to organize and implement events and fund raisers to improve the organization’s financial and public status.

Under her leadership, a new enhanced training curriculum has been presented to the Police Academy, with the intention to improve police relations within the department as well as within the community. She is currently working with the Chicago Police Department for across the board GLBT sensitivity training and hopes to have GLBT Liaisons in every district to ensure sensitivity among all police interaction with the community.

She is currently the LGBT Liaison for the 020th District. During her term, she has improved relations with outside organizations and community relations by reaching out to TPAN and other outside organizations through the volunteer work and charitable contributions of LGPA Goal members.

During her term as President, LGPA-Goal worked hand in hand with the Gay Games and provided security through LGPA-Goal members. Currently, LGPA-Goal is involved in the assistance, design, and the implementations of a GLBT training video to be viewed by all CPD members. Additionally, a Gay Games video has already been designed by the organization and released in May 2006.

In addition to her recent achievements for the organization, she is striving for new changes that provide public safety officers with the same equal treatment of equality that are long over due and deserved. She is currently working with the organization and outside supporters, to ensure that public safety officers receive a same-sex pension plan.

As far as the future, her mission is to include, for the first time, GLBT training curriculum and videos within the Fire Department and the 911 center. Second, she plans to advocate the inclusion of sexual orientation in the Fire Department’s contract. Third, she is developing annual membership stickers and cards for all renewing members. Fourth, within the organization, Jamie is in the development stage to organize sports teams, annual trips and award banquets to enhance the unity and provide a comfortable social environment for all members.

President Richardson’s reorganization of the LGPA-GOAL Chicago has revitalized the organization. Thus, opening doors for opportunities during which LGPA-GOAL Chicago can grow and meet the needs of the community. It is her mission to one day, know that all LGBT safety officers will be treated and accepted with the same respect, dignity and equality as our heterosexual partners are treated.