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Membership in LGPA/GOAL Chicago must be sponsored by a member in good standing and is accomplished by filling out a membership application and submitting it, along with payment, to either Jamie Richardson, LGPA/GOAL’s President or Kathy Caldwell, our Treasurer, or online via Paypal, which allows us to accept Credit Cards.

While traditionally collected on Pride Weekend, dues for LGPA/GOAL can be paid at any GOAL event or by postal mail. Please be sure to fill out and submit the New Membership Application [Updated 6/20/17] so that your dues, when paid, can be properly credited.

To pay your dues online, fill out the information requested below, and you will be taken to Paypal’s website to complete the transaction:

Membership Type
Sponsoring Member
Department/Firm & Title

Note: This page was tested 2/11/2020. Paypal occasionally makes subtle changes to these buttons in such a way that we need to update them. If you have a problem with using Paypal on our site, please submit a Web Trouble Report and we will fix it as quickly as we can. Thank you so much for helping us and supporting LGPA/GOAL Chicago!