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49th Annual Chicago Pride Parade

It is Pride Month here in Chicagoland, so we are looking forward to seeing all of you at the parade on Pride Sunday, June 24!

Returning to our float at this year’s Pride Parade, we will be lining up on Montrose west of Broadway.

We do not yet have our parade order number, but every year our location is in the same approximate location. Look here for updates coming shortly.

If you are looking for a way to help out on Sunday, assembly (decoration) of the float will begin at about 10:30am. Those intending to ride the float with us should be present by 11 as it takes us time to get our act together, and the parade steps off promptly at noon!

As most of you already know, in order to ride you will need to be in proper uniform or a GOAL T-shirt and respectable pants/shorts, as well as having your GOAL membership paid in full. If you don’t have an LGPA/GOAL t-shirt, do not fret — we will have them for sale. We will be supplying cold water on the float. CPD folks, bear in mind that high-ranking officers will be there and the Mayor sometimes is as well, so we should be in proper uniform, as though going to court or working. A dress uniform will be uncomfortable as well as impractical. Uniform shorts are acceptable. If you are a CPD officer, you want to look good for the brass and the crowd! If you are not CPD, be reminded that you need to get your department’s permission before riding on the float in uniform. Your street clothes can be stored in the truck that will pull the float for the duration of the ride.

As far as membership goes, the dues are $100 for board members, $50 for sworn law enforcement and other officers, and $25 for civilian associate members. You can pay your dues on our website at http://www.goalchicago.info  If you are not attending pride, but are a member, it is time to pay annual dues! If you have not done so, please renew your membership.